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Fun Thinking Games

Spot the Differences (Webblies)
  • How many differences can you spot between the two pictures?

Picture Twisters (Highlights Kids)
  • These pictures are twisted!  Can you shuffle the pieces to make the picture right?

Jumping Math Cats (MathCats)
  • Jump over cats to remove them from the board.  Try to clear as many cats as you can.

Kids' Favorite Game!

Rocket Game (GlobalSpec)
  • Create a machine that will launch a rocket!  Try to get your ball to land on the red button.  If you score over 7,000 points, your rocket will launch into space!  Hard, but fun!

Super-Hard Brain Teasers
Can you handle it?

Power Lines Level 1 (Oswego)
  • All the numbers in each straight line add up to the same thing.  Can you find the missing numbers to unlock the code to level 2?  This game is for really smart kids with a lot of patience!  YOU can do it!

Brain Quest Challenge (Brain Quest)
  • Answer as many questions as you can in two minutes.  See ifyou can get a high score!

Even More

Rebus Picture Puzzles (NIEHS)
  • Can you solve these picture puzzles?

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