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Science Games

Droplet and the Water Cycle Game  (NASA)
  • Can you guide your water droplet safely through the water cycle?

Space Stuff

Nine Planets for Kids  (
  • Find out everything you wanted to know about the nine (or eight, if you don't count Pluto) planets.

NASA Kids' Club  (NASA)
  • Lots of spacey activities and games!  When you open the page, click on the number of your grade level.

Make a Planet (Kids Astronomy)
  • Design your very own planet!  Add land, water, trees, and weather.

Make a Solar System (Kids Astronomy)
  • Design your very own planet!  Add planets, asteroids, and comets!

Space Quiz (Kids Astronomy)
  • How many questions can you answer correctly?

Planets for Kids (
  • Astronomy network for kids, with information on planets, stars, and moond
EdHeads: Simple Machines  (EdHeads)
  • Learn about simple machines!

Simple Machines Concentration Game
  • Match the simple machine cards.

Simple Machine Test (Quia)
  • How many of the 22 questions can you correctly answer?

Simple Machines Game  (Harcourt)
  • Click on a picture and identify the simple machine.

Simple Machines

Invention Playhouse (Invention at Play)
  • Build a track for a ball using everyday objects.
Animals of the World  (Kidscom)
  • Try to correctly guess the animal using as few clues as possible.

Creature Feature (National Geographic)
  • Learn about all kinds of animals!

Underwater Expedition  (I Know That!)
  • Explore the underwater world!

Animal Match  (Animal Planet)
  • Match each animal with its deadly skill.

Animal Universe  (I Know That!)
  • Match the animals with their habitat.
Let's Talk About Insects  (University of Illinois)
  • Listen, read, and learn all about insects!

Herman the Worm (University of Illinois)
  • Everything you ever want to know about worms!

Amazing Animals

Water Cycle (EPA)
Learn all about the water cycle with this interactive slide show.

Underwater Expedition  (I Know That!)
  • Explore the underwater world!

Optics Workbench  (I Know That!)
  • Explore and experiment with light.  Design a light show!

Human Skeleton  (FOSS)
  • Take a good look at the skeleton.  Can you put it back together again?
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