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Popular Math Games

Batter's Up Baseball (Prongo)
  • Practice your math facts as you try to hit a single (easy), double (tough), or a home run (really hard).  Fun game with great graphics and sound!

Math Mayhem (Learning Planet)
  • Add, subtract, Multiply, or Divide as fast as you can.  Play against other kids!

Multiflyer Multiplication (GDBDP)
  • Fly across the solar system as you answer Multiplication Facts

Lemonade Larry (Prongo)
  • Use basic multiplication to find out how much the lemonade costs.
Cool Game Pick

Math Arcade (Fun Brain)
  • Try all 25 arcade-style math games!
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Math Machines

Addition Machine (Ambleweb)
  • Practice your adding skills with this game!

Subtraction Machine (Ambleweb)
  • Practice your subtraction skills with this game!

Multiplication Machine (Ambleweb)
  • Practice your multiplication skills with this game!

Division Machine (Ambleweb)
  • Practice your division skills with this game!

Top Pick!

Math Magician Games (Oswego)
  • Answer math facts as quickly as you can.  The math magician keeps score!
Spooky Games

Ghost Blasters : Odd and Even (Oswego)

Ghost Blasters : Multiples (Oswego)
  • Click like crazy on the ghosts with the chosen multiple.

Spooky Sequencing Games - FInd the missing numbers in the sequence

For The Artist in You

Kali Symmetry Sketcher (Science U)
  • Make symmetrical artwork!

Polygon Playground (Math Cats)
  • Design colorful polygon pictures!

Coolest Clock Games!

Bang on Time (Oswego)
  • Read the written time on the bottom.  Can you stop the clock at exactly the right time?

Stop the Clock Games (Oswego)

Time Concentration Matching Game (Harcourt)
  • Flip the cards and match the times

Telling Time (Harcourt)
  • Match the clock face to the correct time
Fraction Fun!

Fishy Fractions (I Know That!)
  • Lots of cool fishy fractions games!  Can you get on the high score list?

Make the Fraction (NLVM)
  • Divide the shape into parts and shade in the correct fraction.

Fraction Practice (NLVM)
  • Practice naming the fractions.

Fraction Race (Harcourt)
  • Find the fraction of a set and race around the track.

Leon's Math Dojo (I Know That!)
  • Become a black belt in Math with Leon the Chamelion!

Build-a-Bear Flashcards (Build-a-Bear)
  • Fun way to practice your basic facts!
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