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Hardest Matching Game!

Concentration & Memory Matching Games
Memory Games

Pair Hunt (Webblies)
  • Find the matching pairs of numbers.  Easy.

Polar Pairs (Smithsonian)
  • Match the Arctic animals and learn facts.  Easy.

Hatch and Match (Kids Play Park)
  • Click the eggs to hatch the dragons.  Cute pictures.  Medium.

Mouse Concentration (Jan Brett)
  • Match the computer mice.  Hard.

Faces (Kids of the Cross)
  • The most difficult memory game!  Super-hard!

More Concentration Games

Alphabet Concentration (Kids ofthe Cross)
  • Match the letters.  Challenging.

Cat's Concentration (Seussville)
  • Match the Dr. Seuss cats.  Really easy.

Inkless Concentration (Inkless Tales)
  • Cute pictures on this one.  Pretty easy, but fun.

Math Memory Match

Fraction Concentration (Harcourt)
  • Match the fraction with the picture.  Really easy if you know your fractions.

Multiplication Concentration (A Plus Math)
  • Match the factors with the products.  Hard.

Multiplication Table Concentration (Quia)
  • Match the multiplication fact with the answer.  Easy.
Listen to Match the Sounds

Audio Concentration: Months (
  • There are no pictures.  You match the SOUNDS.  You will need a computer with sound.  Hard. 

Audio Concentration: Family (
  • Another memory game with no pictures.  You match the SOUNDS.  You will need a computer with sound.  Hard. 

Science and Social Studies Memory Games

NASA Concentrate (NASA)
  • Pair up the identical space pictures.  Medium.

White House Match Games (Whitehouse)
  • Several different games to choose from.  Easy.

Cloud Types (Web Weather for Kids)
  • Learn about different types of clouds with this concentration game.  Medium.

Copycay Continents (National Geographic Kids)
  • A different kind of memory game.  Repeat the patterns on the globe.  Just like the game simon.
Crazy Moving Pictures Match Game

Crazy Animated Memory (Zefrank)
  • These colorful pictures move, wiggle, spin, and dance!  Hard.

Make a Match (Lizard Point)
  • Flip the turtle cards to reveal the symbols.  Medium.

Prongo's Memory Match (Prongo)
  • Choose from Bugs, dinosaurs, chickens, and more!
For Parents and Teachers
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