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for Teachers

Super Teacher Worksheets is a huge site with free, printable worksheets for teachers.  Includes math, grammar, writing prompts, and spelling.  There are also addition worksheets, multiplication worksheets, and more.

An excellent teacher interview eBook for people searching for teaching jobs can be downloaded.  Includes sample interview questions and answers, resume and cover letter tips, interview advice, and lots, lots more!

Teaching features teaching interview articles and resources for teachers in search of a job.

You'll enjoy this collection of printable word search puzzles for kids and adults, including word searches with fun trivia facts, word finds without lists, and more.

Game Classroom has lots of homework help interactive games for kids.  If you love GoofySmartKids, I know you'll  like this site too!

Another great resource for free, education math games is  They've got a huge collection of learning games for each grade level.

The writers of BabyLic have compiled a terrific list of the hundred best Educational Resources for Kids.  This list contains the most popular spots on the web for kid-approved videos, high-interest reference tools, and the coolest games.

And check out Josh's other great site with educational word games -  He's featured dozens of word games on this site, sorted by grade level.

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