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For the artist kids... the future Dalis, Picassos, and Comic Book Illustrators of the World!
Coolest Drawing Game -- EVER!

More Top Kid Picks!

Crayola (Crayola)
  • Lots of coloring games, crafts, and more!

Symmetrical Sketching (Kali)
  • Design symmertical artwork!

Learn to Draw with Billy Bear (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
  • This Website teachines you how to draw!  (You will need pencil and paper.)
Make Pictures

Etch-a-Sketch (Ohio Art)
  • Use the on-line Etch-a-Sketch to make a picture and print it out.  (Opens in a pop-up window.)

Paint On-Line (World Kids)
  • Simple On-Line Painting Tool
Cool Coloring

Webblies: Let's Paint!  (Webblies)
  • Choose a picture and colorit in!

Famous Art

Albright-Know Art Games (Albright-Knox Art Gallery)
  • Learn about Seurat, Homer, Harnett, Homer, Delaunay, and more!

Drawtoy (Zefrank)
  • Make a picture with all kinds of moving, crazy drawing tools!

Exploding Math Art (Math Cats)
  • Move the sliders to adjust the moving artwork.
Kids' Favorites!

Kaleidoscope Toy (ZeFrank)
  • Drag the shapes into the blue circle and watch what happens!

Kaleidoscope Painter (F. Permadi)
  • This web pages makes anyone into a great painter.  Just drag the mouse and see what happens.

For Parents and Teachers
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