Math Games

Batter's Up Baseball (Prongo)
  • Practice your math facts as you try to hit a single (easy), double (tough), or a home run (really hard).  Fun game with great graphics and sound!

Math Mayhem (Learning Planet)
  • Add, sbtract, Multiply, or Divide as fast as you can.  Play against other kids!

Bang on Time (Oswego)
  • Read the written time on the bottom.  Can you stop the clock at exactly the right time?


Featured Math Game

Leon's Math Dojo (I Know That!)
  • Become a black belt in Math with Leon the Chamelion!
Science Games

Animal Universe  (I Know That!)
  • Match the animals with their habitat.

Droplet and the Water Cycle Game  (NASA)
  • Can you guide your water droplet safely through the water cycle?

Underwater Expedition  (I Know That!)
  • Explore the underwater world!

Fun Thinking Games

Spot the Differences (Webblies)
  • How many differences can you spot between the two pictures?

Rocket Game (GlobalSpec)
  • Create a machine that will launch a rocket!  Try to get your ball to land on the red button.  If you score over 7,000 points, your rocket will launch into space!

Book Stars

Arthur (PBS Kids)
  • Lots of games starring Arthur, Buster, Brain, Baby Kate and all of your Marc Brown favorites!

Magic Schoolbus (Scholastic)
  • Take a ride on the Magic Schoolbus!  Fun games!

Berenstain Bears (Official Site)
  • Be sure to check out the Berenstain Bears' theater and activity center!

Social Studies

USA Puzzle (
  • Can you put all of the states in the correct places?

GeoSpy (National Geographic)
  • Can you master all 3 games?  1.  Continents Game, 2.  Countries Game, and 3.  States Game

Name that President (Primary Games)
  • Look at the picture and name the president.

Cool Stuff to Read

Time for Kids (Official Site)
  • Top news stories for kids!

National Geographic Kids (Official Site)
  • Explore the world!  Videos, games, and stories to read!

Nine Planets for Kids (Official Site)
  • Learn about the nine planets!

Giggle Poetry (Official Site)
  • A ginormous collection of funny poems for kids
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Memory Games

Pair Hunt (Webblies)
  • Find the matching pairs of numbers.  Easy.

Hatch and Match (Kids Play Park)
  • Click the eggs to hatch the gragons.  Try to find matching pairs.

Faces (Kids of the Cross)
  • The most difficult memory game!  Super-hard!


For Parents and Teachers

Kaleidoscope Toy (ZeFrank)
  • Drag the shapes into the blue circle and watch what happens!

Funny Riddles

What did the doctor say ot the invisible man? 
(Go to the riddles page to find out!)

What is a shark's favorite game?
(Go to the riddles page to find out!)

Wat do you get when you mix SpongeBob with Albert Einstein?
(Go to the riddles page to find out!)

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